Evaluation & Assessment Policy

Student Evaluation and Grading
The school follows the philosophy that a clear goal, an encouraging and positive learning atmosphere and transparent evaluation will respond positively to the opportunity for success. The school seeks to make achievements both recognisable and possible for students. Teachers will use a variety of assessment tools when evaluating students’ performance. They will be evaluated through the use of projects, quizzes, rubrics, practical examinations, and written examinations. The schedule of the trimester examinations are outlined in the school calendar.

Nursery and Kindergarten will receive a descriptive progress report card while all other grades will receive letter grades and summary comments. Grades are based on regular assessments according to the school’s guidelines. This includes a final assessment at the end of each trimester. 

  • For LA and Math in all grades. 
  • For other subjects dependent on grades. 

The final grade is a composite score including major exams and quizzes, classroom assessments, homework, and projects, research and class participation. Students who are absent without a valid excuse on the day of major exams, especially final examinations, may receive a failing grade for the examination missed. Students who are excused are allowed to take alternative forms of evaluation or take a make-up exam. In the event of school cancellation, exams will be postponed. The Head teacher may approve requests for early examinations at the end of the year after submitting a written request for sufficiently compelling reasons.

Behaviour During Assessment & Consequences
Students are expected to be well prepared for assessments and act responsibly and honestly. A student found cheating will have papers removed and may earn a failing  grade.


Students who receive grades for a subject area below D are considered to have failed that subject. Students who fail major subject areas such as Math, English, Social Studies and Science will need to speak to the Head of School, along with their teachers & parents in order to discuss the necessary steps of action. Students may be required to stay back a year in extreme cases.