The grade 1 students learned about measurement and money this month. They used different units in measuring to find out the length of certain objects. They also studied and counted the money in 2 different currencies, Philippine Peso and American Dollars.


February was spent learning about the weather and seasons. We pretended to be weather forecasters and uploaded our weather reports in Seesaw. We also learned about some tools that Meteorologists use in predicting the weather.

Language Arts

We focused on spelling and reading words with diphthongs this month. We learned to write verbs in simple past tense. We also learned the proper conjunctions to use when we connect words or phrases in a sentence.

Social Studies

Grade 1 finished their unit in Ancient Egypt this month. We have moved onto learning about the 3 world religions that believe in 1 God. The first religion we discussed was Judaism. We learned about Judaism’s symbols and celebrations. We also learned about the story of Moses.