Another school year has started. It’s time to grow and a chance to learn and challenge ourselves. 

This year we are all eager to learn new things.In our Language Arts class we continue to learn new words, correct grammar, reading and understanding different stories and reading passages. We will also learn about writing opinion in informative and narrative pieces. And of course we will continue to practice our handwriting using cursive. 

For Mathematics we have been and will continue to learn about the basic operation and about multiplication, division, geometry and measurements.

In Social Studies we are learning about the Ancient Romans, and we will shortly learn about world rivers and the Vikings. In Science we learned about how scientists investigate and what questions they ask, how they use models and how they use tools, The 3rd graders are also using their readers in both Language Arts and Social Studies. 

We thank you parents for your continued support in all our school activities, including our recent Family Fun Day and Book Day. 


  • Mental Sums every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  •  Spelling quizzes every Monday and Wednesday
  • Homework will be given out on Tuesdays and Thursdays only
  • Third Graders are encouraged to read storybooks in school and at home
  • Upcoming Events include; International Week and the Class Field Trip