Social Studies

This month we have been learning about the different spices that were introduced to the western world by Arab traders. Working through our Core Knowledge Textbooks we have covered chapters 1 to 4 and we created a Word Map to familiarize ourselves with new words that we encountered. We need to be able to read and comprehend all of the  information given in the textbook. Our read aloud sessions have helped with this as we learn to pronounce unfamiliar words and then try to explain in our own words what we have just read for context.


In KP, we have been studying Islam. We have talked about the 5 Pillars of Islamic religion and  the founder of this faith.


Grade 5’s task is to design and create their own float using the Paint application. Their brief is to come up with  3 different designs to give them a variety of options.


his month we finished our discussion about the body systems and how all the organs work together to perform their functions for the survival of the organism. We also learned about classifying organisms into different domains and kingdoms. We realized the importance of knowing the scientific names of organisms while learning binomial nomenclature as well as writing them properly as it is the universal language of the scientists. We are now learning about ecological concepts and environmental conservation and restoration. 

Langauge Arts

January – Ringing in a new year means new beginnings and endings. But in the world of Language Arts, we focused more on the ‘NEW’… New words, new strategies, and new ways of learning Grammar. As the weeks rolled over us, we laid a strong foundation for our Personal Dictionaries.  We climbed the critical thinking ladder while reading and discovered that there are many ways to approach words. We created mind maps for our new friends and welcomed them into the Parts of Speech group – Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, and Interjection. We organized them together showing them the vital role they play in sentences.  “Corner wall” is a new engagement strategy for learning grammar. It provided the opportunity to respond to critical language questions, discuss and share our thoughts. Above all – we learned that Language Arts can be KWL with a chart! It was an excellent kick-off for 2020.


We have focused on oil painting, flower painting, and landscape painting. Since, the KP Festival is fast  approaching we have also started cutting coloured papers to create 3D flowers for the decorations of our Arch.