This month we learned how to make pixelated images through the use of Microsoft Excel. We focused on resizing cells, filling the cells with colors, adding different types of borders to cells, printing with gridlines and working with the formatting tools.


Knowledge comes in rivers… Well, for the purposes of our Geography class this month.  We splashed through important vocabulary, we were introduced to rivers and the wonderful work they do on planet earth. We reviewed the water cycle and we taught 9 year olds about what causes tides.  Keep a lookout for next month… there is much more to rivers than you think!


This 2nd-trimester grade 6 is learning about the legendary story of Panay Island. The group made their own script based on the story and presented it in class. They were given time to brainstorm to come upon their own ideas.


This month we ended our discussion in Biology by understanding what a variation is, its importance and classifying organisms based on their characteristics. We had an activity entitled “variation in humans” where we identified the differences in our physical features as a class, constructed our results table and created frequency diagrams and graphs out of our results. We also started learning Chemistry concepts like the properties of the three states of matter, phase changes and differentiating them based on the particle theory. Currently we are learning about the properties of metals and non-metals.


This month we have continued looking into our core topic theHistory of Medicine and Public Health’. We have finished looking at Egyptian medicine and have now moved onto the Ancient Greeks 800-300 BCE. We have learnt that great developments were made in medicine during this time. Particularly through the findings of philosophers like Hippocrates and Aristotle.

Language Arts

“January, first month of the Gregorian calendar. It was named after Janus, the Roman god of all beginnings. January replaced March as the first month of the Roman year no later than 153 BCE.” According to the Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

As for the Language Arts class, it is the month of New Beginnings.  A wonderful collection of new words, new strategies to approach reading material and approaching Grammar in a new way.  High Five to every Grade 6’er who contributed to their Personal Dictionaries! Reading is important, but to think about reading critically can be challenging. Therefore, we practiced to think critically while reading.  These questions guided us to ask our own critical thinking question regarding Grammar and gave us the opportunity to respond to our fellow students’ questions. What better way to learn Grammar than building pyramids AND creating KLW charts!?  Through this all we can conclude that there are more interesting things on the horizon awaiting us.