Language Arts

We never knew we could create a list of Nouns using the alphabet, but now we know that Nouns are taking over the ELA class. We appreciate our Nouns when we had to write a paragraph without Nouns. Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, therefore, we played Noun games for reinforcement. Before starting our lessons we were challenged by the four Language skills in 5 minute prompts. When we had to write we used our five senses to describe a moment in the supermarket. Reading lessons were entertaining as we read different kinds of texts while facing isolation with the boys in ‘Lord of the Flies‘. In order to understand their isolation, we created microcosms from a specific scene in the book.


In Science class we finished the first unit which covers concepts about photosynthesis, leaves, roots, and transporting nutrients inside a plant’s body. We performed an experiment about mung bean germination and exposed some samples under light condition and the rest were stored inside a box for dark condition, and we captured the rate of photosynthesis for both set ups. The other experiment that amazed us was when we soaked celery in coloured solution, dissected the stem part and observed our own prepared specimens under the microscope. The vascular tissues that transport water and minerals in the plants were stained and we observed them clearly. We are enjoying each class because learning science is fun!


In ICT we learned the basics of Microsoft Publisher, using appropriate templates for specific tasks, choosing a layout that fits the template and we created our personalised business cards. 


Our main topic for this month is in the realm of Human Geography where we have been looking at population. The focus on population growth and how this growth is inconsistent from country to country. We have also been looking at life expectancy and why people on average live longer in some countries than others.


Learning Pre-colonial Philippines we started to understand the way ofd life of the people before colonisation by the Spanish, Japanese and Americans. The kids compared the culture of early Filipinos and traced the differences to when it was colonised by Spain. 


We learned about early Filipino revolts against the Spanish; Grade 7 was assigned to present early Filipino revolutionaries and how these Filipinos fought against the Spaniards. Using Venn diagrams kids understand the reasons why these people kept on fighting.


This month we learned about colouring techniques using coloured pencils . We learned shading, tint, and the value of colour by applying to an object. We drew a tree using gradation for them to see the real appearance of the leaves by applying different lines as well. They sketched an owl using oval and wavy lines and used happy colour by applying gradation.