We started with Unit 10 in March and it’s all about Measuring Speed. We took up what defines speed, and that is what we use to measure when something is moving and how fast it moves. Along with the topic about speed are its other components which are time and distance, all together they make up the unit that can be use as measurements depending on the problem. In this unit they are also able to do varied problem-solving such as computing for either speed, distance or time using the basic formula: SPEED = DISTANCE/TIME. For their trimester assessment, they are also working on a presentation project by choosing a topic and doing power point presentation in class.


In our art project, we choose to make our masterpiece and our artworks painted in a realistic or almost photographic way. They were asked to use any modes to explore and discovered techniques by combining two or three mediums in painting


We are trying to focus in working with objects. The secret to being successful in MS Publisher is understanding how to manipulate objects.  I made them understand that each text box, line, graphic, header, etc.,is an object in Publisher.  All objects have several characteristics that enable them to be changed in regards to position, size, stacking arrangement, and to sometimes change the contents inside the object.


This month of March, we started making our diorama project. They were asked to choose their canal to recreate using recyclable materials or whatever available resources were collected in the house. They were guided online while working to assist them if ever they have a question and needed suggestions.


As teenagers, we love making our own choices.  We are extremely grateful for a study compiled by Hanover Research emphasizing the idea that when we make choices we actively participate in our education, and that increases our level of engagement. For this reason – Focused Choice Boards.  Choosing from 6 activities based on speaking and listening, writing, and language.  No, we did not forget to focus on reading. helped us to practice our reading and comprehension skills.  As for the future of this course, preparing for Trimester 3 – we Quill and chill. helps us to practice writing and Language.


This month we have been focusing on ‘Global Warming’ and looking at what could happen if climate change continues to follow its present pattern. The students were also busy preparing for their trimester 2 assessment project, and presentation which took place on March 15th.


We talked about local and National Programs and projects. It was explained how this project was implemented and become successful through the specifications and conditions of each plan. They were asked to find five examples of Local and National programs/projects with specific elements stated for them to understand the project proposal of the local and national government.