Back to school with the 8th Graders

This year our 8th Graders welcomed back a former classmate, Joaquin. It was a surprise for me to be given the opportunity to know these wonderful”older” kids in school. I am temporary homeroom and Mathematics teacher until November while Ms Shena is on maternity leave. We also welcome our new Language Arts teacher, Ms Jessica Claase and I am looking forward to working more with the eight grade class until Ms Shena returns.  

– Ms Joan



We are already into our first unit of the year. World War 1. We have spent the last month trying to identify how relationships between European countries at the start of the 20th Century slowly deteriorated, eventually leading to a conflict that involved over 30 countries and resulted in the loss of millions of lives. 


This month we learned about colouring techniques using coloured pencils. We learned shading, tint and value of colour by applying it to an object. We drew a tree using gradation for them to see the real appearance of the leaves by applying  different lines as well. They sketched an owl using oval and wavy lines and used happy colours by apply graduation. 


We have been looking at our restless planet and identifying how tectonic plates move. We now know that the 4 main types of movement within lithosphere can lead to different forms of destruction and how earthquakes and volcanoes caused by this movement  can differ around the world. 

Kulturang Pilipino

This month we discussed economic policies implemented by each Philippines President under the third republic and their effects on the country and the Filipino citizens. We also give emphasis about Sovereignty for them to understand the phrase Sovereign Philippines. 

Language Arts
“A word that is the name of something (as a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea or action) and that is typically used in a sentence as a subject or object of a verb or as an object of a preposition”.  Noun as described in the Merriam Webster Intermediate Dictionary. We identified categorised and explored this important part of speech; in sentences and speech. Games helped us to practice Nouns as we know that if we are involved we understand. Our reading lessons consist of different reading texts and activities. We met interesting characters from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm‘ who introduced us to propaganda. 

To fully grasp the concept we researched and designed propaganda posters with a character action figure. We also used the power of our pencils to write a persuasive article about important issues on the island.