Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to this month’s update.

With the tail end of the Winter break, January proved to be a short month with only three weeks of school. Even so a lot has happened since then including two memorable events. Firstly on January 13th we held our trimester 1 ‘Parent Teachers Conferences’ (PTC). These were held online again. Then on January 14th and 15th we held our ‘Student Recognition Assemblies.’ These were to reward students who had worked particularly well in the first trimester with awards and certificates. The assemblies did not only reward those who had performed well academically but also recognized those students who had shown improvements in their work, their social interaction and their online punctuality. (with a few extra bespoke certificates for our younger students) Our next student recognition assembly will be held in April.    

We are now well into our second trimester and we have already accepted that this will be another trimester online. Once again I would like to commend your kids for how they have adapted to this new way of teaching and to you parents, particularly in the lower grades, who were without warning, or training, suddenly made teachers assistants. Our mission is to always put your kids education and well being first, so please liaise with your child’s homeroom teachers if you have any concerns, or suggestions as we strive to ensure that our online classes run as smoothly as possible.


Nicholas Lea

BEIS Head Teacher