Language Arts

The kids are reading short ‘a’ cvc words. They learned that we add –d or –ed to verbs when talking about them in the past tense. They are also starting to identify adjectives in sentences that we often use in school. As they are exposed to new sight words they can now also better create and write their own sentences.


In mathematics the kids have been working on finding missing addends. This involved lots of hands-on class activities to ensure that they really got to grasps with it. They have also been working on their subtraction skills this month.


 The kids were given the opportunity to share with each other what they already knew about night and day. They then created artwork to show the differences between the two. After this we began to go into more detail and study what makes our planet experience days and nights. To assist with our understanding we made use of video footage, presentations, flashlights and globes.

Social Sciences

This month we have been studying the 4 Cardinal Directions (North, East, South and West).

First we played an outdoor game to familiarize ourselves with these 4 points of the compass, and then later we applied this new knowledge to decipher a mystery map in class.