March Update

This month culminated the lessons this trimester.  The children made various projects and accomplished all their assessment.

In Math, the children continue to master multiplication and division. They are now able to solve problems that involve order of operations, which is very impressive.

The children learned comparative and superlative adjectives this month in Language Arts. They learned how to compare things correctly in their written texts.

The last topic in Science is weather. The children pretended to be weather casters for 7 days reporting about the weather, the clouds and the wind direction. They compiled these reports into one full video. This was their final project in Science. They also made models of the water cycle and discussed the process in a video.

This term’s unit in Social Studies is focused on World Rivers. The class culminated this by making a model of their chosen river. The models were impressive. They also made a video presentation stating all the information they know about their chosen river.