Grade 5 January Update

Social Studies This month we have been learning about the different spices that were introduced to the western world by Arab traders. Working through our Core Knowledge Textbooks we have covered chapters 1 to 4 and we created a Word Map to familiarize ourselves with new words that we encountered. We need to be able […]

Grade 5 January Mathematics Update

The students learned how to use the base 10 blocks model in addition and subtraction of decimals. Also, they applied thetechniques learned about decimals by finding sum and difference in real-life problems involving money. Currently, they have been studying about multiplication of decimals and understanding patterns in decimal multiplication.

Grade 5 September Update

Social Studies In this subject the kids will be focusing on 3 different countries over the school year, They are divided as follows: Trimester 1 – Feudal Japan Trimester 2 – Age of Exploration Trimester 3 – Ancient Korea At present we are learning about Japan and have started with its physical geography. The kids […]