Kindergarten 2 March Newsletter

We started this month preparing for our assessment week by reviewing all the lessons we had for the 2nd trimester. The kids worked hard on this and did their best. Also working individually to complete their well-made projects. For Language Arts, we finished learning short vowels a, i, o, and u. We also learned more […]

Kindergarten 2 January Update

Language Arts The kids are reading short ‘a’ cvc words. They learned that we add –d or –ed to verbs when talking about them in the past tense. They are also starting to identify adjectives in sentences that we often use in school. As they are exposed to new sight words they can now also […]

Kindergarten 2 September Update

Language Arts This month we started off our review letters with the letter Aa – Nn. The kids practiced writing them and identified words that started with the said letters. They also had fun playing guessing games in the classroom to find out words that started with these letters.  Mathematics  We reviewed what we know […]