Middle School

Middle School The middle school comprises grades 6 through 8. Students are expected to develop a strong sense of self organised and confident learning. The higher order thinking and presentation skills will be additionally trained with student-driven research and project-based learning. Students in the Middle School level will be challenged to create projects and portfolios […]

Primary School

Primary School The primary school comprises Grades 1 through 5. Learning here focuses on a solid foundation of basic knowledge, skills, trans-disciplinary inquiry and self-directed learning. Through these themes, links within the different subject areas are set, enabling students to learn from practical applications in a fun and engaging way. We also teach Pilipino (Philippine […]

Common Core Subjects and Grade Levels

Common Core Subjects and Grade Levels Today’s students are preparing to enter a world in which colleges and businesses are demanding more than ever before. To ensure all students are ready for success after high school, the Common Core Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do […]

Early Years

Early Years At BEIS, the first three years at school are very important in a child’s life. Early impressions affect the way in which children react to people, new experiences, and to life in general. BEIS Kindergarten programs are child-centred and devoted to meeting each child’s unique prerequisite. BEIS provides a safe and nurturing environment […]


Curriculum The Common Core State Standards are learning standards for Math and Language for Grade K – 12 that communicate goals and expectations for the knowledge and skills students should have at the end of Grade 5, 8, 10 or 12. BEIS chose these standards as anorientation to its existing internal curriculum as they are […]

Elective Study

Elective Study Elective study focuses on the 2 core subjects Language Arts and Mathematics. Students from Grades 4 and above receive 2 elective study classes per week. Instead of being split by grades students are placed into ability groups and use this time to focus on skills andconcepts that require additional support. In the run […]

Academic Year

Academic Year It is important for parents to be aware that as BEIS follows the European And North American school calendar and therefore has different class cut of ages to those of Philippine private schools. If students should leave before they complete a full year at BEIS and then enroll in a Philippine Private school […]

Evaluation and Assessment Policy

Evaluation & Assessment Policy Student Evaluation and GradingThe school follows the philosophy that a clear goal, an encouraging and positive learning atmosphere and transparent evaluation will respond positively to the opportunity for success. The school seeks to make achievements both recognisable and possible for students. Teachers will use a variety of assessment tools when evaluating students’ performance. […]