Head Teacher January Update

Dear Parents, I would like to welcome you to this month’s update. With the tail end of the Winter break, January proved to be a short month with only three weeks of school. Even so a lot has happened since then including two memorable events. Firstly on January 13th we held our trimester 1 ‘Parent […]

Head Teacher October Update

Dear Parents,  I think it is fair to say that this year will stand out as an exceptional one for years to come here at BEIS. The campus feels eerily quiet,especially in the playground but as I enter classrooms I can still hear the familiar sound of children’s voices and laughter as they go about […]

Head Teacher May Update

Dear Parents, Early this month we held our annual BEIS Talent show here at the school and I was impressed to see the variety of acts we had this year. As well as the usual crowd pleasers we also had a Shakespearean monologue; drum solo, classical piano rendition, super hero sketch and a nail biting […]

Head Teacher April Update

Dear Parents, This has been a short month with only 2 weeks of school due to the Spring Break. Nevertheless we still had time to fit in our 2nd Trimester Parent Teachers Conference (PTC). We had a good turnout for this so thank you to those who could make it. Communication between teachers and parents […]

Head Teacher March Update

Dear Parents, This month started with the last few days of our Mathematics and Science week. This was a well-organised and informative week. The main focus of the month however, was preparing for our end of trimester 2 assessment. The students were therefore, kept very busy organising themselves for exams and project deadlines. Assessment week […]

Head Teacher February Update

Dear Parents, February 14th marked our hundredth day of school. This means we are already more than half way through the school year and only three weeks away from the end of our second trimester. The main events for this month were our KP Festival, our 100 Days Celebration and our Mathematics & Science Week. […]


Mr Nicholas Lea, Head Teacher Mabuhay! I am pleased to welcome you to our school website. If you are currently a student or family member, you already know that Boracay European International School (BEIS) is an exciting and inspiring place to be in. If on the other hand you are visiting our website for the […]