March Newsletter

March Update This month culminated the lessons this trimester.  The children made various projects and accomplished all their assessment. In Math, the children continue to master multiplication and division. They are now able to solve problems that involve order of operations, which is very impressive. The children learned comparative and superlative adjectives this month in […]

Grade 3 October Update

The school year might have started in an unusual way, yet days in 3rd Grade are still fruitful and fun. The students have already started learning new concepts. In Language Arts, they are now more familiar with the Writing Process. They are slowly but independently proofreading, editing and revising their own stories. In Mathematics, they […]

Grade 3 September Update

Another school year has started. It’s time to grow and a chance to learn and challenge ourselves.  This year we are all eager to learn new things.In our Language Arts class we continue to learn new words, correct grammar, reading and understanding different stories and reading passages. We will also learn about writing opinion in […]