MARCH 4WARD NEWSLETTER History We have now moved to the 18th Century in our ‘Medicine through Time’ core unit. We learned how the Englishman Edward Jenner created the first-ever vaccine. A discovery that is very relevant today in our fight against Covid-19. Interesting fact: He used Cowpox in order to vaccinate against Smallpox. Vacca which […]

Grade 6 January Update

ICT This month we learned how to make pixelated images through the use of Microsoft Excel. We focused on resizing cells, filling the cells with colors, adding different types of borders to cells, printing with gridlines and working with the formatting tools. Geography Knowledge comes in rivers… Well, for the purposes of our Geography class […]

Grade 6 January Mathematics Update

Grade 6 has been introduced to Rational Numbers. They have been given a task to understand how to represent integers in real world contexts. They solve time difference between two places using a map. They graphed the different depths of divers using a number line. They solved account balance after several withdrawals and deposits. They […]

Grade 6 September Update

Extra Extra! Read all about us! We realised the importance of Nouns in our lives. We learned that without Nouns our sentences would be non-existent and dull. We listened to our classmates’ non-existent Noun paragraphs and appreciated this important Part of Speech. We also transformed into artists designing our own ‘Noun as Image‘ art inspired […]

Grade 6 September Mathematics Update

The Sixth Graders are currently working on rounding off numbers (form hundred thousands, ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones) to 1 decimal place and 2 decimal places.  We also worked on the number line and recalled different techniques to gain mastery in multiplication. Currently we are working on basic addition and subtraction of decimals […]