Dear Parents,

Early this month we held our annual BEIS Talent show here at the school and I was impressed to see the variety of acts we had this year. As well as the usual crowd pleasers we also had a Shakespearean monologue; drum solo, classical piano rendition, super hero sketch and a nail biting Taekwondo performance. Thank you to all who participated. 

Later in the month we also held an earthquake drill. The children had previously been reminded by their teachers on what they need to do if they are in the classroom and an earthquake strikes and on May 28t1 we tried it for real. Of course we were unable to conjure up a real earthquake, so we created a close simulation by playing a recording taken during a major earthquake on high volume in every classroom. The kids were taken by surprise but once they realised what was going on they took the drill very seriously and impressed all of us with their speed and maturity.

On May 30th we held our BEIS Carnival. Traditionally this annual carnival had always been held on the beach, but last year we were forced to hold it on campus due to the island closure, and with new restrictions we feared we would be unable to hold it on the beach this year. Fortunately for us ‘0m Bar’ came to the rescue and allowed us to use their forecourt. Thanks to them we really managed to create a beach carnival atmosphere with games, food and drinks stalls and booths. Well done to all the kids who designed and manned the booths. Also thanks to our teachers, staff, PTA and parents for making it a special family day.

Our final event for this busy month was our Spelling Bee Competition held on the May 31st. You can read about this and all the other events mentioned in more detail later in this newsletter.

But before I finish, I would also like to remind you that the PTA is asking for donations of school supplies for Malay Elementary School in Caticlan. This is a school that also caters for special needs students who really need our help. Some of our students will be visiting the school in mid-June to pass on your donations and also spend time interacting with the kids and helping out with their social projects. Donations can be deposited in our donation box in the school office or monetary donations can be given directly to the secretariat. 



Nicholas Lea

BEIS Head Teacher