Our admissions process begins by building a relationship with your family and is designed to help us get to know you and each student individually. 

There are a number of steps outlined below and we do recommend you arrange a call with our admissions team to talk through the process to ensure you understand and are familiar with what is required. You can do this by selecting the Admissions Phone Call tile below. 

Relevant forms and information needs are outlined in the Application Documents section. Forms can be discovered by the associated links.

Fees are outlined below and there is a deposit required as part of the application process. You can discuss this with the team during your Admissions Phone Call. 

Many families enjoy visiting the campus to learn more about the school community. You can call our office below to schedule a visit. We look forward to hearing from you. 

The grid below will step you through the process, with forms and instructions.

Passport - Foreign Applicants

Step 10
Upload a copy showing the data and entry page
Submit Here

Special Study Permit - Foreign Applicants

Step 12
Upload your SSP (from the Bureau of Immigration) here
Submit Here
Admissions Team

The Admissions Office is responsible for the students’ admissions in accordance with BEIS ambition to continually increasing enrollment and to build and sustaining school community.

  • Pursues best practices in managing parent, family and student expectations throughout the admissions process 
  • Attends to all admissions-related needs of parents, students and the school
  • Implements policies and procedures pertinent to admissions
  • Manages the effective administration of entrance tests  for all incoming students, maintains a profile of students based on their personal information
  • Continually explores ways to improve processes of  admissions, so as to enhance the delivery of services to all concerned stakeholders