Grade 1 March Update

What We Learned: By the end of March, grade 1 finished their activities for the 2nd trimester and began their lessons for the 3rd trimester. In math, the students started their unit in geometry with 2D shapes. They started with determining if shapes have curved or straight lines, and figured out what shapes make a […]

Grade 1 Febraury Update

Math The grade 1 students learned about measurement and money this month. They used different units in measuring to find out the length of certain objects. They also studied and counted the money in 2 different currencies, Philippine Peso and American Dollars. Science February was spent learning about the weather and seasons. We pretended to […]

Grade 1 October Update

Language Arts We started our school year by reviewing short a, i, and r blends in phonics. We also reviewed nouns, possessive nouns and verbs for our grammar classes. For reading we reviewed the characters, sequence and features of a story. Science Our class reviewed our 5 senses and the steps that scientists and engineers […]

Grade 1 January Update

The first graders started new topics this month. In Math, they started learning about Measurement and measured things using non-standard units of measurement. In Language Arts, they started writing non-fiction texts and were able to publish their own How-To Books. The class even did a cooking activity, wherein everyone learned how to cook burgers. This […]

Grade 1 October Update

This month, the first graders learned about sentences in Language Arts. They had various activities that taught them how to construct sentences and what writing conventions to use when making simple sentences. In Math, they learned about different Addition and Subtraction strategies. We also had different games in class for them to practice these strategies.  […]

Grade 1 September Update

This month was all about getting used to the rule and routines and at the same time, reviewing previous knowledge that will help them understand the new concepts that will be taught in first grade.  In Math we focused on developing number sense. The students did exercises with number bands and linked it with addition […]