Discipline Policy

“No one has the right to Interfere with the Safety, Learning or Well-being of others”


Observe the following school rules at all times:

  • Follow all directions the first time they are given
  • Be safe, keeping hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Be prompt by lining up outside the door on time when the bell rings for homeroom, after break and after lunch
  • Be prepared by having all materials and homework with you when class begins
  • Be respectful of teachers, assistants and each other in class and on campus; this includes being in class ready to work in a professional manner befitting a quality student

Students who break the rules or otherwise infringe upon learning time will be disciplined under the BEIS Conduct policy. This may lead to a detention or if a serious pattern of misbehaviour is discovered, parent conferences may be held.

  • For minor infractions such as talking in class the teachers will give the student a warning.
  • If the infraction continues then the teacher will sign their conduct card (3 strike system).
  • Failure to hand in homework without a valid excuse or notification from parents will result in a signature on their conduct card.
  • Misbehaviour during break. The surveillance teacher will sign their conduct card or notify the homeroom teacher to sign (3 strike system).
  • Each classroom has a set of rules that each student should abide by at all times.


Major offences (cutting school, fighting, stealing…) are generally not part of this process and would be assigned directly to the school Head for appropriate action.  

As student conduct cards are affixed to each student’s homework diary, parents have access to these on a daily basis and are able to monitor their child’s behaviour.