Welcome back to school! January was a busy month! 

In Science, the second graders learned what fossils are, and through a simple experiment using clay and leaves, they  began to understood how they are formed. The class learned that fossils can provide evidence about the environment, plants, and animals from the past. 

 In Social Studies,  our first topic was about map reading and directions.  Spatial thinking is one of the most important skills that students can develop as they learn geography. They enjoyed reading and identifying the components of a map.

This month, the second graders welcomed another intern student teacher from Switzerland, Miss Nadia. She shared stories about her country and taught the children some basic German which is one of the 3 languages they speak in Switzerland. The children had fun working with Miss Nadia! 

This month, Math lessons were designed to help students represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, verbal explanations or equations.

We also recognized the second graders who have worked hard in their academics, conduct and attendance for the first trimester. Also, a BIG congratulations to Sabrina Pierce for being the BEST SPELLER in second grade in the recent Spelling Bee Contest. Way to go!