“Small Actions Can Make A Big Difference!”
World Book Day 2021

The second graders celebrated World book day last March 4, 2021. The book “Protect the Planet” by Jess French was featured on this day. The book shows the different ways to protect the planet. The second graders did a virtual beach clean-up. They prepared a plastic bag and pretended to collect litter and garbage along the beach. Some trash collected were plastics, water bottles, dried woods, and other non-biodegradable materials. It was a fun virtual beach clean-up for the children! “Protect The Planet”  book echoes the message that by acting with kindness towards other people, plants, animals, and yourself, one can help to protect the planet.

Landforms and Waterforms
The second-grade students made a diorama of landforms and water forms as their project for social studies. They used clay to form the models.  This activity provided them with experience creating models of landforms and bodies of water using clay. The students learned about different landforms and water bodies and various characteristics that make them distinct from one another. People interact with landforms and water forms all the time whether they’re running up a hill, swimming in a lake, skiing down a mountain, or fishing in the ocean. 

Clouds, Clouds Everywhere!
The second-graders made models of cloud types that are commonly seen as their Science Project. They spent some time watching the clouds and made some out of cotton. Each child created a poster that includes the four basic clouds. They described the way each cloud looks and the weather that comes with each cloud. This activity allowed them to process content knowledge for identifying clouds by their description and the weather associated with them. They used literacy skills by reading, summarizing, and verbally explaining.