The school year might have started in an unusual way, yet days in 3rd Grade are still fruitful and fun. The students have already started learning new concepts.

In Language Arts, they are now more familiar with the Writing Process. They are slowly but independently proofreading, editing and revising their own stories.

In Mathematics, they are now able to estimate sums and differences. They are able to add and subtract three digit numbers with and without regrouping. Currently, they are using bar models in analyzing word problems.

In Science, the children are learning how it is to be scientists and engineers. They carried our simple experiments and projects to experience the scientific method and the engineering design process. They even compared the two using a Venn Diagram. 

Ancient Rome is the focus in Social Studies. The children learned about the Roman Gods and Goddesses, Roman architecture and famous Romans that made an impact during that time. They find the stories very interesting. Roman Gods and Goddesses Party – the students dressed up as their favorite Roman God or Goddess. They also shared everything they knew about their character.

One of the applications that was introduced in Grade 3 is Seesaw. Using this app the students can upload their artwork and videos. The children love using the app because it lets them see and give comments about their friend’s works. 

Water Slide – the students tried to be engineers by building a water slide for their toys

Hand washing video – for their wellness class, the students made their own video showing 10 steps to washing hands

Sunset Owl – the students used water color and oil pastels to make this wonderful artwork