Grade 5, finished their comic strip based on Maragtas Epic Story. They were asked to have a detailed story about the legend of Panay. They were given an option; to work it online using a canva application or draw it on paper. Half of the class, work it online and the rest work it on a paper.


We continue our Painting and we applied different mediums this time to see the outcome of our artwork and  for us to compare the changes we made from the previous paintings. In our Project Based- Assessment they were asked to find a real picture  to replicate  and to use different mediums for them to be more creative! The grid method was introduced for them to have the exact proportion, location, and position of the subject used in painting.

Social Studies

We answered Q and A in chapters 5, 6, and 7. We finished the chapters in our textbook. The kids answered the ten big questions and describing ten events that happened during the age of exploration.

Language Arts

This month we had the opportunity to be in charge of our own learning. Who does not like that?  We did choice boards! A choice board is a graphic organizer that allows us to choose different ways to learn about a particular concept.  Our choice boards had choices that focused on: Speaking and Listening, Writing, and Language.  We also outdid ourselves as a team on Read Theory! In preparation for the next trimester, we are focusing on strengthening our Language and Writing skills. We Quill and chill. This was a successful Trimester 2!  


We are finishing our topic about the different organ systems in our body. Starting with the Integumentary system. They learned that the term is another name for skin or the covering or our body. They also learned that the skin is the biggest organ in our body as it covers everything and its main function is for protection. Another system that we discussed that has almost the same protecting function is the Skeletal System but it is found inside our body unlike the skin that is situated outside. Along with these we also took up Urinary System and the Endocrine System. They are also working on their presentation project where they get to choose any topic that we had in the 2nd trimester and present it in class with power point. And all their work are just so amazing.


We finished our Poster; we did an informational poster advertising for food with five elements: logo, name of the product, email add, phone number, and the price. We used Canva Application, which has different templates and easy to edit.