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We realised the importance of Nouns in our lives. We learned that without Nouns our sentences would be non-existent and dull. We listened to our classmates’ non-existent Noun paragraphs and appreciated this important Part of Speech. We also transformed into artists designing our own ‘Noun as Image‘ art inspired by Ji Lee. 

In our reading lessons we learned the importance of friendship and how to overcome obstacles in our lives while walking over ‘The Bridge of Terabithia‘.  We expanded our reading abilities by doing reading comprehension activities. 

Our ELA classes took us on a journey where we met our five senses. They helped us to write colourful essays on the correct format. Lastly, every lesson kicked off where we were challenged to use the four language skills in 5 minute activities.

This month we have been looking at timelines and identifying the differences between primary and secondary historical sources. We have also been familiarising ourselves with historical terms such as; Anachronisms, BCE, CE, artefacts and historical bias. 

In Science class we are almost done with the first unit which covers topics such as plant organs, human organ system , the human skeleton, joints and muscles, and science tools. One of our activities was pressing our own plant specimen and labelling the plant organs correctly. We also had a ‘move system’ type of assessment wherein we have to answer questions per station in a limited amount of time and when the teacher says ‘move’, we have to move to the next station. We identified names and functions of the Science tools that were introduced to us. We are enjoying each class because learning science should be fun!

In Art, Grade 6 learnt different line techniques and applied them using different objects and free hand drawing. We also created Zentagles in different ways using different line techniques.

This month we learnt about the Philippine Government. The kids differentiated between Parliamentary and Presidential types of government to help them understand their power and function. We also looked at the function and the role of the public officials who are employed under each branch.

In Geography we have learnt that humans are spread all over Earth, but we are connected to each other in many different ways. We can therefore use maps to show where we live, and what places are like. We discovered that there are different kinds of maps. Using maps is key to become a good geographer. That could be us one day!

In ICT we are learning about Microsoft Excel and we already learned the Excel basics, screen elements, selecting data, entering data and performing some of the shortcut commands.