This month our lessons focused on ‘International Development’. We studied the aspects of development and used different indicators to determine how developed a country is. We discussed GDP or gross domestic product as a widely used indicator. We are going to compare Malawi and Singapore in terms of their level of development in our upcoming lessons.


We have now moved onto our second unit ‘The Interwar Years’ and the students are focusing on what was happening in Europe and the world between 1919 and 1939. We have just started an in depth study on Hitler, undoubtedly the most infamous character of that era.


We finished the unit about the structure of an atom. We learned how scientists come up with atomic models and we also made our own models. We cut out concentric circles and added colored papers as the subatomic particles of the atom. We also realized the importance of knowing more about the elements not just memorizing the periodic table but learning more about their properties and uses in daily life. Currently we are delving more into the concepts of oxidation reactions, writing chemical formulas and chemical equations depending on the type of reaction.


We did an oil pastel painting. We finished painting a flower and a landscape. Since KP day is approaching, we decided to start cutting colored papers for our 3D flowers for the decorations of our Float.


Grade 8 is learning about martial law. They are assigned to report a topic for discussion every class. We discussed about Ferdinand Marcos governance, the Benigno Aquino’s assassination, the snap election, the death of democracy, and the Edsa Revolution.

Language Arts

Hello January! Fun fact. Anyone born in January has a Garnet birthstone which comes in a wide variety of stunning colors.

This month Each Grade 8 student had a golden opportunity to enlighten us with a new word to build upon our current lexicon. Reading was turned up a notch by adding a variety of critical thinking questions to the mix. In Grammar, we explored the real-life errors made by media all around the world. We discussed it and made the necessary conclusion to the reason behind a good grammar foundation. A graffiti
wall made it possible to explore Grammar more deeply, asking questions and critically discussing them. Not every student can say that they can KWL in Language Arts. But we can! Now, if you think this was an interesting, mind-blowing, earth-shaking month…stay tuned for February!


This month we learned more about x and y components. We also computed for the coordinates as we tried to locate the places in Google Earth Pro. We navigated virtually using GEP and searched for the coordinates of various countries.