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We have spent the whole of this month looking at the life of Adolf Hitler. We went right back to his early childhood in Austria where he was born in 1889, and followed his story through the Great War, all the way to his coming to power in 1933.


We are now in Unit 9 and it’s all about Density. They learned that Density is not the same as volume because density is the amount of atoms that a material has while volume is the amount of space a material occupies. Density however can be measured using volume and mass. We did several problemsolving on density, volume and mass using the formula, Density = Mass/ Volume. For our 2nd Trimester project, they are working on their own powerpoint presentation in which the topics can be anything from our 2nd Trimester lessons.


The students have compared and contrasted Malawi and Singapore in terms of their levels of development and the factors that contributed to their current status. They also discussed the different reasons for the development gaps between rich and developing countries. They presented their projects about development aids and projects in a particular country of their choice.


One very distinctive style is sometimes treated as if it did not exist because the work of art directly represents the subject that they seem to be the same thing. This is called “realistic” or, it’s near-twin “Photographic. “This is the project-based assessment for our second trimester. We spent our time working on our realism painting using the subject of their choice. The pacing was slow but, the result was awesome!


For this month, we keep ourselves busy working on our project. They designed their tribal costume using paint and presented their work in a PowerPoint with three categories: the tribal costume with their design, folksongs, and the epic stories.

Language Arts

This month was packed with Language skill choice boards focussing on writing, speaking and listening, and language. We understand the importance of creating a student-centered environment. And this was an excellent way to increase our ownership of learning in our classroom. We climbed the reading ladder with the help of Read Theory. Our learning definitely did not end there… in preparation for Trimester 3, we got on board with and are well on our way to master our writing and language skills even more.


They are still working on both Course E and Course F. Their goal for the end of the trimester is to be able to complete all the lessons in both Courses. In one of their lessons, students learn about the two concepts at the heart of Sprite Lab: sprites and behaviors. Sprites are characters or objects on the screen that students can move, change, and manipulate. Behaviors are actions that sprites will take continuously until they are stopped. In other online activity, students had the opportunity to push their understanding of loops to a whole new level.