Parent Teacher Association

The BEIS Parent Teacher Association or the PTA is an excellent way to get involved. The PTA is responsible for supporting the school through organising fun school events throughout the school year. The meetings are open to any BEIS parent or guardian who wishes to participate. The group also uses its influence to lobby on behalf of the school in its continuing effort to ensure the best for students. BEIS needs participation in this vital organisation. In the past, the PTA has been very successful in raising funds and organising school events to bring the school and the community together.


Parent Involvement 

Here at BEIS, we recognise that parent involvement is a crucial factor in the overall development of every child. Having parents volunteer in the classroom or in other areas of the school is encouraged in BEIS. You may volunteer as a parent reader, class representative, coach a sporting team, teach an elective, and many more. Please contact your child’s class teacher and find out how you can get involved.