We started this month preparing for our assessment week by reviewing all the lessons we had for the 2nd trimester. The kids worked hard on this and did their best. Also working individually to complete their well-made projects.

For Language Arts, we finished learning short vowels a, i, o, and u. We also learned more challenging sight words and used them in writing sentences. We also learned about the three kinds of sentences and the proper end mark. The kids also started practicing writing sentences.

In Mathematics, we finished our units in addition and subtraction. The kids worked hard to learn these basic math skills and to do them independently. We also finished counting and writing numbers from 0-100 by 1’s and 10’s.

In Social Studies, we finished learning the seven continents and five oceans. We love singing songs about the said topics. We virtually travelled to different continents and discussed some famous landmarks and food. We also made a book about our continent and the things that they like most.

In Science, we finished our unit on weather and seasons. The children observed and took note of the day-to-day weather changes. They were also introduced to the 4 seasons of the year through videos, games and storytelling from countries with 4 seasons. The kids learned about the Three States of Matter and played a guessing game about it. We also made our weather report book.