Language Arts

This month we started off our review letters with the letter Aa – Nn. The kids practiced writing them and identified words that started with the said letters. They also had fun playing guessing games in the classroom to find out words that started with these letters. 


We reviewed what we know about counting and numbers 0 – 5. We also started memorising and writing the spelling of these numbers. The kids are following a printed booklet in order to recall their prior knowledge. Next we start to compare. 


The kids observed food groups in class using their 5 senses, They were given a sheet to record what they observed. We also discussed scientific tools and they got to use them in conducting a guided group observation activity in order to practice their scientific skills. 

Social Sciences

The kids were getting to know themselves by thinking about and understanding what makes them happy or sad. We read and watched ‘No David‘ and ‘David Went to School‘ to understand proper classroom behaviour and why rules are important.