Notification of Absences Policy

As we consider child safety and well-being as paramount, we ask that parents notify the school office as soon as possible on a child’s first day of absence (they will inform the child’s class teacher). A telephone call is preferred but an SMS or an email is acceptable.

If we have not heard from home by the start of the first break at 10:10am, the child’s homeroom teacher will contact parents.

Parents may also inform their child’s homeroom teacher directly if they wish. However, please note: The office should always be notified first. Teachers will be unable to answer telephone calls or check texts while teaching. In addition to this, absences may have an effect on pick up and drop off times for the school bus.

Failure to inform the school of an absence will result in the student receiving an unexcused absence.

Types of absences are:

Excused – An absence due to illness, doctor’s appointment, or serious illness/death of a family member. Upper Primary and Middle School students must go to their teachers and request make-up work immediately upon their return. The first 2 days absences due to illness will only require the school being notified. However, any absence of 3 days or more will require a doctor’s note upon the return of the excused student. 

A child is too sick for school when their illness is preventing him/her from being comfortable, and impairing their ability to participate and benefit from the WHOLE program, both inside and outside the classroom. Or when the child has the following symptoms:

  • Fever- Temperature greater than 37.8 degrees Celsius. Your child’s temperature should be normal for 24 hours before sending a child to school.
  • Diarrhea- Children should not go to school until bowel movements have normalised in consistency. Children need to be symptom- free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Vomiting- If your child vomits during the night, do not send him/her to the school the next day unless the child is feeling 100% better.
  • Cold- Please keep your child at home when a cold begins (symptoms: runny nose, cough) because that is the time that your child is most likely to be contagious.
  • Head Lice- Use lice-killing shampoo and remove all nits before returning your child to school. Be sure to repeat the treatment as prescribed by the manufacturer in order to kill any developing eggs that were unaffected by the first treatment. If any nits are observed clinging to your child’s hair shafts, your child will be sent home and will not be allowed to mingle with other children in order to avoid contamination.
  • Chicken Pox- Your child must remain at home until lesions have dried up and crusted over.

Excused absences also cover a parent / guardian taking the student out of school with the Head teacher’s prior knowledge and approval. An absence request form will first need to be submitted. This can be collected from the school office and should be submitted for approval at least 7 days before the requested absence. 

Parents are also reminded that family vacations should be taken during the breaks as indicated on the school calendar. In recent years the school has extended its summer and winter holidays in order to ensure ample time for overseas travel. For approved absences of more than 1 or 2 days, students will be required to complete assignments for classes missed. The assignments will be due on the day the student returns to school.


Unexcused– An absence in which the student is out of school that does not qualify as excused. When a parent does not call to report an absence, the school will attempt to reach the parents at home or work. The Head teacher can determine or change an absence from unexcused to excused depending on the outcome of this exchange. 

Lateness- Poor punctuality is not acceptable. If a child misses the start of every day, he/she can miss work and the opportunity of hearing vital information and news, and sharing class time with friends. Late arriving students also disrupt lessons. Students may also be embarrassed by arriving late.

The school day begins at 8:10am with registration. Each student is expected to be ready and lined up for registration at this time. At 8:15 registration closes and classes begin. Students will receive a late mark if they arrive after this window. If a child arrives excessively late and the school has not been informed in advance, they will be marked as an unexcused absence for that day. The school deems excessively late as any time after the first main break which finishes at 10:30am.

Students are required to make up all work missed during an absence. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher and request missing work; it is not the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that missing work is made up. Parents should monitor missing assignments frequently in the event of an extended absence.

Excessive Absences and Potential consequences:

  • Students who miss a significant number of school days may earn a grade of ‘Incomplete’ on their report. 
  • In some cases students who miss a significant number of school days may need to be retained in their current grade level.
  • Extenuating circumstances may include hospitalisation, long-term illness, death of an immediate family member, etc. Points 1 and 2 will be determined at the discretion of the Head teacher.

Important: Please be advised that healthy attendance is a prerequisite for many international schools. A high number of unexcused absences may have an effect on student’s future ability to transfer between schools.