Grade 8 March Update

View Post History We have spent the whole of this month looking at the life of Adolf Hitler. We went right back to his early childhood in Austria where he was born in 1889, and followed his story through the Great War, all the way to his coming to power in 1933. Science We are […]

Grade 8 January Mathematics Update

The students have been learning about . Congruence and Similarity. They analyze how a figure is transformed anddetermine if it is a translation, a reflection, or a rotation. 

Grade 8 January Update

Geography This month our lessons focused on ‘International Development’. We studied the aspects of development and used different indicators to determine how developed a country is. We discussed GDP or gross domestic product as a widely used indicator. We are going to compare Malawi and Singapore in terms of their level of development in our […]

Grade 8 September Mathematics Update

The Eight Graders have recently finished working on fractions. Additions, subtractions, multiplication and division of like, unlike fractions and mixed numbers.   We also worked on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and changing fractions to decimals and vice versa. We also managed to work on decoding word problems involving fractions. We have started discussing and […]

Grade 8 September Update

Back to school with the 8th Graders This year our 8th Graders welcomed back a former classmate, Joaquin. It was a surprise for me to be given the opportunity to know these wonderful”older” kids in school. I am temporary homeroom and Mathematics teacher until November while Ms Shena is on maternity leave. We also welcome […]