Grade 2 Newsletter

“Small Actions Can Make A Big Difference!”World Book Day 2021 The second graders celebrated World book day last March 4, 2021. The book “Protect the Planet” by Jess French was featured on this day. The book shows the different ways to protect the planet. The second graders did a virtual beach clean-up. They prepared a plastic […]

Grade 2 October Update

Language Arts The second grade students are becoming familiar with the routines of our reading workshop. They are learning different strategies to solve unknown words such as using meaning to make a good guess and then using the print to cross check. They are building their strength by reading. The goals is for them to […]

Grade 2 January Update

 Welcome back to school! January was a busy month!  In Science, the second graders learned what fossils are, and through a simple experiment using clay and leaves, they  began to understood how they are formed. The class learned that fossils can provide evidence about the environment, plants, and animals from the past.   In Social Studies,  […]

Grade 2 September Update

We have had a wonderful few weeks since coming back to school. It has been a pleasure getting to know all the students and families. Also thank you to everyone who came to the Parent Evening.  In Math, the Second Gaders are learning about number sense and place value. Determining whether a group of objects […]