Academic Year Policy

Academic Year It is important for parents to be aware that as BEIS follows the European And North American school calendar and therefore has different class cut of ages to those of Philippine private schools. If students should leave before they complete a full year at BEIS and then enroll in a Philippine Private school […]

Involvement Policy

Involvement Parent Teacher Association The BEIS Parent Teacher Association or the PTA is an excellent way to get involved. The PTA is responsible for supporting the school through organising fun school events throughout the school year. The meetings are open to any BEIS parent or guardian who wishes to participate. The group also uses its […]

Lost & Found Policy

Lost & Found Policy Lost and Found is located in the administration office. Items labeled by name are more easily returned. Accumulated unclaimed items will be given to charity.

Avoidance of Theft Policy

Avoidance of Theft Policy The loss of equipment is always the student’s and family’s own responsibility. The school is not liable for the loss of personal property. Thefts are rare. However, there is no guarantee of safety. To avoid this there are some simple rules. If money is collected by the school, the parents should […]

Emergency Policy

Emergency Policy The school will release any emergency and other safety related information via mobile phone. In addition, an email will be sent, explaining the different warning levels and the necessary measures to be taken. The school follows Department of Education and LGU guidelines and procedures with regard to typhoons. Occasionally local conditions may indicate […]

Fast Food Delivery Policy​

Fast Food Delivery Policy The purchase of fast food delivery is generally not acceptable. Exceptions to this rule  are only on special occasions such as birthdays. Prior to ordering, approval must first be  given by the class teacher.

Drugs & Alcohol Abuse Policy

Drugs & Alcohol Abuse Policy BEIS supports the concept of responsibility and the immediate notification in case of an abuse. This concept has a success rate of 100% in small schools, higher than any other procedure. In special situations the school is authorised to claim drug tests. The possession of illegal drugs, legal drugs without […]

No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy Smoking is not permitted in school or within the vicinity of the school. Please respect the school campus, as well as set an example to the students.

Surveillance Policy​

Surveillance Policy The school’s surveillance starts 30 minutes before registration and ends 15 minutes after the last class of the day. If students are not taking the school bus, it is the parents’ responsibility to organise pick up on time. It is not acceptable that students stay at school without organised supervision.

Sign Out Policy

Sign Out Policy No student leaves the campus unattended. To leave without a guardian requires written parental permission. Students should bring written notes and not rely upon phone calls home to have office staff obtain verbal permission.

Notification of Absences Policy

Notification of Absences Policy As we consider child safety and well-being as paramount, we ask that parents notify the school office as soon as possible on a child’s first day of absence (they will inform the child’s class teacher). A telephone call is preferred but an SMS or an email is acceptable. If we have […]

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy Attendance is one of the biggest indicators of school success. Students who attend school regularly are naturally exposed to more than those who are routinely absent. Furthermore, absences can quickly add up. A student who misses an average of twelve days a year from kindergarten through twelfth grade will miss 156 days of school which […]

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy​

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy This year, we will implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for students in grades 3-8. Students will use electronic texts and other media in the classroom. Though not “school property,” we expect students to treat equipment with the same care. It will be required of each student […]

School Property Policy

School Property Policy School textbooks must be taken care of and treated with respect. Depending on the subject students will be assigned a textbook each and will use that particular book for the entire year. If a book appears damaged, the corresponding charges will follow. Damages % of Cost of Book Torn pages 25% Ink, […]

Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for an educational setting. A school uniform will be given to all students. Fridays are dress down days, which allows students to come in their regular clothes, deeming them appropriate in a school setting. 

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Harassment and Bullying Policy At BEIS, we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment where each individual is treated with respect in order to preserve one’s overall sense of well-being. Bullying or any other form of harassment is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Removal of a Student from Class Policy

Removal of a Student from Class Policy Reasons for Student Removal When the school-wide discipline management techniques employed by the teacher in the classroom are ineffective, a teacher may remove a pupil from class in order to maintain effective classroom discipline. Procedures for RemovalA teacher may send a student to the Head teacher’s office to […]

Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy “No one has the right to Interfere with the Safety, Learning or Well-being of others” BE SAFE BE RESPECTFUL BE RESPONSIBLE Observe the following school rules at all times: Follow all directions the first time they are given Be safe, keeping hands, feet and objects to yourself Be prompt by lining up outside […]

Behavioural Expectations

Behavioural Expectations Policy BEIS takes a holistic view on student performances. Thus, we foster, expect and evaluate performances and attitudes. We want our students to be: Responsible citizens, tolerant and open-minded individuals Critical thinkers and life-long learners Organised workers and effective communicators Technological and media-literate individuals   We want our students to have: Prepared and […]